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Life at St Kenelm's Church of England Primary School Life at St Kenelm's Church of England Primary School Life at St Kenelm's Church of England Primary School Life at St Kenelm's Church of England Primary School Life at St Kenelm's Church of England Primary School Life at St Kenelm's Church of England Primary School Life at St Kenelm's Church of England Primary School Life at St Kenelm's Church of England Primary School Life at St Kenelm's Church of England Primary School Life at St Kenelm's Church of England Primary School Life at St Kenelm's Church of England Primary School Life at St Kenelm's Church of England Primary School


Our blog...

We have started big school!

Our new Reception children have settled really well into school. They have been very busy learning lots of rules, routines and making new friends. We are very proud of them!

Through this term’s topic, “Why Am I so Amazing? ” we have been finding out about each other and how unique and special our children are. We have been finding out, what the children like, what they don’t like, what excites them and what inspires them to learn. 

They have been having lots of fun along the way...

Having fun image 1





Autumn Festivals

Lots of the children have had a lovely half-term and returned to school keen to share with us what they have been up to. We love sharing learning from home as well as school via our online learning journal, Tapestry.


Autumn is such a lovely time to be outside exploring and making observations of pattern and change.







We have enjoyed some lovely Autumn and Harvest themed stories and used real Autumn treasures to count with, explore, chop and construct.






This term we have been finding out why some people in our world may choose to celebrate lots of different Autumn festivals. We have had some dress up days; sparkly tops for Bonfire night, red and black clothes for Remembrance Day and then there was also Children in Need!





The children have really enjoyed joining in with these familiar customs and traditions developing respect for those cultures different from their own.


Please come back our visit our page shortly - we have lots of great things to share with you...


Week ending 13th March 2020

Science Week

It’s spring!

In the wood today the children looked for signs of spring; they found lots of growing , buds, and green leaves. They heard birds sing and felt the rain! They are hoping to see some blossom very soon.

We have been learning how to grow potatoes. We carried out an experiment first to see where the best place in the classroom was to chit a seed potato. The children suggested a dark place in a box, under an artificial light, by the window and near a radiator . Ask the children to tell you which place was the best and why.
Next we planted our potatoes and wrote a prediction of what length of time might take the seed potatoes to grow into the ones we can eat.

We looked at real potatoes and talked about their uncooked properties. Finally, we made Mr Potato Heads using other spring vegetables. We had to handle the cocktail sticks really carefully and push them in to attach arms, legs, and even “boots”.

Week ending 6th March 2020

 World Book day !

Dressing up , being read to by parent, book swaps  and bedtime stories.


Week ending 28th February 2020

Mr Wolf’s pancakes

The children have been busy getting physical making pancakes and they even learnt how to make vegan pancakes too! After lunch, they got to taste the cooked pancakes completing a written questionnaire about their favourite toppings.  The children learnt why some people in our world may choose to celebrate Shrove Tuesday and why they might eat pancakes. The children are very excited to start the countdown to Easter now .

What’s the time Mr Wolf ?

We have been using every day language to talk about and to measure short periods of time. We played What’s the time Mr Wolf and practised number writing on our home made watches.

Continuing with our kindness theme , the children have been helping the characters in the story to speak to the wolf in a better way even though they were scared that he might eat them .

We had four joint kindness winners this week and  here they are with our Monster point winner  enjoying ‘Tea with the Queen’

Week ending 14th February 2020

The children have really been thinking about what it is to be kind this week . They enjoyed making their kindness bottles and receiving pasta shapes when they were spotted being kind.

We listened and discussed to lots of stories about being kind and had our first kindness winner who got to enjoy “ Tea with the Queen”.

Physical Fun Friday this week involved the children completing lots of fine motor activities to help us understand why some people in our world may choose to celebrate Valentine’s day.

They made cards, folded paper hearts, printed using hearts shaped stencils and threaded red fruit kebabs talking about why fruit is healthy for us and that it is ok to have a sweet treat occasionally.

Week ending 7th February 2020

It ‘s Rosie’s Walk

We have enjoyed listening to this story and getting to know the character of the fox !

The children decided that we needed to tell Rosie that the fox was following her as she had not noticed !

Can you complete the obstacle course ?

The children were really good at using lots of  positional language to give instructions to their friends


NB: Our blog began in November 2019 and runs from here in chronological order. From Week ending 7th February 2020 we will now be posting the most recent update first

Week ending 15th November 2019

Reception have had another fabulous, busy week of learning.

To commemorate Remembrance Day we started the week by attending a special assembly and heard the story about 'Where the Poppies grow now'.

Reception have had another fabulous, busy week of learning.

We have listened to the story of This is the bear and The Lost Bear. We thought about how it might feel to be lost and learnt what we could do if we lost something special . Then, we discovered that Pudsey bear was lost  ! So we wrote lost posters using lots of descriptive words to help find him again. Fortunately, Pudsey was found just in time for Children in Need day  !

In Maths we have been busy counting money and reading price labels in our pet shop.


And finally, we had our first Open door reading morning . We just love sharing books


Week ending 22nd November 2019

We have been acting out the story of 'This is the bear and the Scary night' .

Poor bear landed in the pond with a "splash" and we used some lovely describing words to say how he felt  such as “soaked, soggy, dripping"



The man with the trombone rescued him!


We worked out how to make him a chair. It took lots of perseverance and the trying out of  alternative ideas when our first ones failed.


What a wonderful end to our week.

Our trip to Smite Farm Friday 29th November 2019.

Our question for the day was - How do trees help wildlife in winter? We started the day by listening to the story of ' The tale of the little bird and the evergreen tree '. The little bird had broken his wing and could not fly away with all of his friends so he looked for shelter in the trees. But it was the spruce tree with its evergreen branches that provided shelter for the little bird all through the winter.
The children listened beautifully to the story told in the barn decorated with Christmas trees.

After the tale we made an animal bird feeder . We used our fine motor skills to push sunflower seeds into the apple. Some of us made patterns with the seeds, some of us made our initial sound for our name and some of us made a shape.
We talked about where would be a good place to hang and bird feeders and took them home in a paper bag.

We were very sensible and very safe around the campfire. We compared the corn to how it looked after it had been cooked on the campfire . We enjoyed listening to the corn popping and best of all , having a taste !

The ancient art of wassailing

The children decorated the trees by finding natural resources and sticking them onto the materials that were then hung on the trees . We made smelly tree potions and emptied them around the roots of the trees . Finally , we made music and sang to the trees to wish them good health .
Think the grown- ups might have had more fun doing this than the children !

In groups we followed a trail to find 6 Christmas trees around the farm with information about how the trees help wildlife . At each tree there was a wildlife stamp to add to a Christmas tree card. We found out that trees provide a home for squirrels to build their dreys, Owls build a home In a hole in tree trunks, the hedgehogs use all the fallen leaves to build a warm shelter in the winter and fruit trees and berries provide food for the animals such as foxes and birds.
We are very grateful for trees .

The trail ended at a very special post box where we posted our letters that we had written in school earlier in the week .

Some of the highlights of our week ending 13th  December 2019

Show week! The cast of Songs Around the Christmas Tree were absolutely fabulous !


Acting out and retelling the Christmas story .


We have been busy making our Christingles for our special service today.

As well as raising money for Save the Children by wearing our Christmas jumpers.

Week ending 20th December 2019.

In the true spirit of Christmas we have been listening to the story of Little Robin Red Vest who thought of others before himself. Ask us how the Robin got his red breast? We made our own Robins and carefully practised our cutting and sticking skills.

Ellie May our class bear was really grateful to receive a new school jumper knitted beautifully by one of the children’s nana’s, how thoughtful that was too! We also received a present of new and interesting pens by another parent for our writing table next term.

In Maths we have been learning to talk about the properties of 3D shapes, busy investigating the Christmas bags left out for us by our cheeky Elf. We have counted vertices and edges and described the shape’s faces found in the bags.

Mrs Christmas had a sackful of presents full of interesting shapes that we can now name. 


Finally we enjoyed socialising with our teachers and friends at our Christmas dinner and Christmas party and we had a special visitor too!

Merry Christmas everyone and a very happy new year from all the Reception children.


Reception blog week ending 10th January 2020

Happy New Year and welcome back !

The children have returned to school ready and very excited to learn. It has been lovely to hear all the children’s holiday news in circle time. It was very obvious that they have enjoyed spending special time with family and friends, as they told us all about it!

The children were keen to write thank you letters  for all their lovely gifts and we are not surprised that they all were on the good list !

We have enjoyed the story of One Year with Kipper, learning the names of the months of the year, and the seasons. We have been busy writing in calendars and diaries and made our own new year resolutions just like Kipper, reflecting on what we want to get better at.

“ I want to be able to do up laces “

“ I want to be an artist and get better at painting “

Our stimuli in PE this week has been icicles and water . We turned ourselves into icicles using strong and tight movements. We made spiky arms, spikey legs, spikey elbows and spikey knees.

In Maths we have been making winter patterns, printing doilies, cutting out symmetrical  snowflakes  and making patterns with shapes.

The maths igloo has been really popular too  !

We have loved making snowmen and reading the instructions so we could make an Olaf.

We have got creative making snowmen, snowmen families and  “snow bugs “ at the Snowman Factory.

Reception blog week ending 17th January 2019

Our text this week has been Stickman !

We are story tellers ! We have made up our own versions of the story of Stickman. He has been on many adventures  which have included meeting a unicorn and going for a ride on his back, being a decoration on a cupcake and being turned blue by a chameleon so that he cannot be seen in the sea. 

We have made our own stickmen and ladies, described their characteristics and made the forest, thinking about where the story has been set.

In maths we have been estimating and checking by counting. We are good at making a sensible guess now. We have been adding two groups of objects together and using addition vocabulary.

Week ending 24th January 2020

The children had a fabulous time this week learning why some people in our world might choose to celebrate Chinese New Year.

After arriving at the newly opened St Kenelms Chinese restaurant, the children were shown to their table by the waiters and helped to read the menus that some of the children had written earlier in the week .

The waiters took the customer’s orders, practising their writing .


The orders were then taken to the chef who helped the children with their counting to add up how many portions the chef needed to cook. 

The in house entertainment was a Chinese Ribbon dancer (Mrs Hayes) who was photographed on the iPad by one of the children . All the children cheered and clapped as they waited patiently for their food to arrive. 

It was wonderful to see the children trying some of the food and enjoying learning to use chopsticks !

 Week ended 31st January 2020

Let’s go bird watching!

This week the children have been finding out about the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch.

The children made binoculars, adding a little bit of camouflage, then off they went!

They recorded their findings using a tally chart.

The boys were sitting quietly in the bird hide talking about what birds they could see or had seen, they shared their experiences and described lots of different birds they had seen and where. They used their binoculars and wrote the number of birds seen on their sheets.


We have been thinking about the poor ugly duckling and how he must have felt when the other characters had been unkind to him . We thought of a range of describing words and have tried to use them in our writing this week .

In role we wrote sorry letters.

This story has helped us celebrate all our differences, noticing that we may look different, sound different, behaviour different but we are all still equal and still all special.

This week’s word window.