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Weekly blog 

W/C 5th July 2021

This week the pirates came to nursery. The children enjoyed sailing across the sea in the pirate ship. A plastic bottle was found floating in the water much to their amazement, they found a treasure map inside and went searching for pirate gold and jewels. Then they used their creative skills to make their own maps and enjoyed looking for treasure.
Our story this week was " Pirates Love Underpants" 


W/C 21st June 2021

This week in nursery we have been learning about Numbers and Shapes. We were exploring different shapes in the tuff tray and the children made their very own shape creations.

In Welly Wood we went on a number hunt - having fun matching numbers and learning about positional language as well as ordering sticks by size.

To end the week, the children built a den and had lots of fun hiding and playing inside.

W/C 4th June 2021

We have had a fun and eventful week in nursery this week. We returned after the weekend to find that cheeky Peter Rabbit had taken a shine to our vegetables and eaten our lovely runner beans and plants. The children felt so strongly, they wrote letters to the rabbit - mark making using their fine motor skills, telling him they were not happy and to not do it again. The next day the children discovered a letter in the garden from Peter Rabbit saying sorry and that he'll try to not do it again. 

Peter Rabbit asked us to come find him in WellyWood, following the trail he had left us - and the children were very excited when we found him in his house, and he spoke to us telling us how sorry he was. The children made their own rabbit ears, did the Peter Rabbit rhyme and we moved in different ways like a bunny using their gross motor skills - jumping and hopping.  

The children also had fun making their own creation with the loose parts - working well together sharing ideas and using their fine and gross motor skills to problem solve where all the loose parts would go.

W/C 7th June 2021

It was lovely to welcome all the children back after the half term break, and we loved hearing about all the fun places they'd been to over the holiday. With beautiful sunny weather, we enjoyed lots of outdoor fun and learning in our nursery outside area and Wellywood, building on what they had told us they had been doing over the holiday.

Following on from hearing some of the children had been to the seaside, we read the Rainbow Fish story and looked at all the things we can find in the sea. The children also made their own Rainbow fish and underwater animal pictures, and painted shells as colourful scales to put on our very own nursery Rainbow Fish. 

The children also enjoyed making patterns with the shells in the tuff tray - being creative and using their gross motor skills.  

The children enjoyed two fun trips to Wellywood. We enjoyed going on mini beast hunts and found lots of wriggly worms, slugs, centipedes and beetles. We also made bird feeders and enjoyed looking at the shadows as the sun shone through the trees - looking at the patterns the leaves made on the ground and making our own shadows. 

We also had fun planting fruit and vegetables in our new nursery garden - we are looking forward to seeing how our strawberries, lettuces and runner beans grow. As well as looking at how the children's sunflowers were growing, we talked about what plants need to grow. 

W/C 24th May 2021

We have had a wonderful last week in nursery, in the lead up to the half term break, with lots of indoor and outdoor fun and learning.
The children enjoyed two very fun and muddy trips to Wellywood, where we found lots of gooey mud which we used for mud painting. Using their gross motor skills to mark make, the children dipped sticks in the mud and got creative, making their own mud pictures. The learning was then extended, by using other resources in the wood to mark make with, such as leaves - demonstrating some amazing creative skills. We also enjoyed going on minibeast hunts and found lots of wriggly worms, hiding under logs.

The children had lots of fun building our very own bug house in the nursery outside area, from resources found in the wood. The bugs loved their new home! Well done children!

The children were also excited when we unveiled our brand new gravel pit for the children to play in with the diggers and tractors - the children couldn't wait to get in there and had lots of fun

We wish all the children a happy and safe break and can't wait to see them all back soon, and hear about all the fun they've had over the half term holiday.

W/C 17th May 2021

The children spent a lovely week at nursery, exploring and having lots of fun in the inside and outside environment.

Previously the children had shown an interest in pizza, which lead on to us making a pizza oven, and the children loved cooking yummy pizzas for us all. The children also enjoyed creative work - decorating their pizzas with all the available resources - cut out shapes, feathers, felt pens, wool, and glue - using their fine motor skills. We looked at mathematical language including shapes, and half and quarters. We then extended this learning by making our very own MacDonald's drive thru in our nursery playground. The children wore hats as uniform and loved taking our orders, playing with the tills, serving each other and bringing us our food. Well done children!
We had two wonderful visits to Welly Wood this week - and we enjoyed lots of outdoor learning. We listened to the "Jack and the Beanstalk" story in the story telling circle, and the children used their physical motor skills - running, balancing on tyres and rolling down the embankments. It was lots of fun!
The children loved exploring inside the wood - we were very excited to find some beautiful bluebells, and the children investigated the holes and patterns in the bark of the trees and enjoyed hunting for mini beasts under logs. We ended our visit to the wood with a lovely cup of hot chocolate together.

W/C 10th May 2021

We had a fun week of learning at nursery this week - enjoying lots of outdoor fun. At Wellywood, the children enjoyed lots of muddy activities, after all the rain which had fallen the children got very muddy. We enjoyed playing in the mud, making mud pies and also leaf rubbing on the trees.


The children also enjoyed playing in the nursery outdoor area - jumping in the water tray in their wellies and splashing in the water. We also looked at problem solving activities - how to make the tyres roll - building a ramp to slide the tyres down with the pieces of wood, leaning against the crates. 

We have also been learning about butterflies and caterpillars - so we made our very own caterpillar, from a sock filled with soil and grass seeds, with holes in the sock so we can watch how they grow. The children also collected resources from around the nursery outdoor environment - such as twigs to make its' legs and pinecones for eyes. 


We also had fun burying our beautiful stone ladybirds in the soil and digging them out. We even found a spider and we all sang "Incy Wincy Spider" together. It was lots of fun!

W/C 4th May 2021

The children returned after the long bank holiday weekend, excited to start another fun week of learning at nursery. We have had a real mix of weather this week including rain, hail stones and sun, but this has not stopped us enjoying ourselves inside and outside.

The children made the most of the wet weather, jumping in the puddles in their wellies. We added different colour powdered paint to water, and the children loved mixing the colours together with the paintbrushes and lots of splashing in the puddles. They also used their imaginations and mark making skills to make a bridge on the ground with the chalk.

We also were excited to build with our new go kart wheels. The children worked together to build a racing car with the wheels. They used various other materials to make the fuel cap and other parts of the car, to fill it up with petrol, and make it go super fast. They did a brilliant job - well done children. 

In Wellywood we enjoyed more outdoor learning - looking for bugs with the magnifying glasses, looking at the changes to the wood and trees and the white blossom which had fallen from the trees and covered the ground in a pretty white blanket. As the hail started to fall, we sheltered under the trees, looking at the hail we had caught in our hands and talking about what it looks and feels like - icy and cold. We then went back to nursery to enjoy our cup of hot chocolate indoors.

W/C 26th April 2021

We started our fun week at nursery by discovering our dinosaurs were all trapped and stuck in a cage and couldn't get out! But the children used their good thinking and talked as a group to problem solve and decide how to set them free. They decided to use scissors to cut the ribbon - using their fine motor skills, and hooray the dinosaurs were free! Later on, we found the dinosaurs trapped again - all tied up together in elastic bands... but the children used their fine motor skills once again to untangle them and set them free. Well done children! 

We had two fun trips to Wellywood this week, enjoying lots of outdoor fun and learning. We talked about the differences we could see in the wood since last week. It was lovely to see the beautiful buds and blossom growing, which lead on to us planting our own sunflower seeds, so the children can all grow their own sunflowers - which the children were very excited about. The children will now learn how to look after their sunflowers and watch them grow. We talked about how they need sun and water to grow, and as the children's sunflowers grow, we will use our mathematical knowledge to compare the sunflowers - for example, looking at which are the tallest and shortest. 

The children had shown an interest in butterflies, so on our second visit to Wellywood we made our own butterfly with the natural resources collected in the wood, such as sticks, leaves and pinecones. To end our visit to the wood, the children enjoyed a lovely cup of hot chocolate together. 

W/C 19th April 2021

It was lovely to see all the children back after the Easter holiday break! In our first week back, we had a lovely week in nursery, with lots of fun outdoor play - enjoying the fresh air and lots of outdoors learning with our two visits to Wellywood and also learning about dinosaurs - as many of our children had shown an interest in dinosaurs. 

 The children loved playing in our wonderful "Dinosaur Land" tuff tray - with all the dinosaurs, logs, salt dough fossils, and brushes. The children brushed the fossils with the paintbrushes, using their fine motor skills. We learned about the different names of the dinosaurs (some were very tricky and long), and how the dinosaurs look different to each other. 

 We read the "Harry and the Dinosaurs" books, and in one book they go on holiday - the children showed an interest in learning about different countries. This lead on to us talking about

W/C 29th March 2021

We have had a lovely, exciting, sunny week in nursery, looking forward to Easter! We have had lots of outdoor fun and play in Wellywood, as well as indoor Easter activities and fun!

The children loved having two visits to WellyWood this week - we had fun exploring the wood, talking about the seasons changing and springtime, digging, making dens and homes for the animals and enjoying a lovely cup of hot chocolate afterwards.

 The children loved running and moving in different ways on the school field - playing different running races where the children were galloping horses, jumping bunnies and slithering snakes.

 We enjoyed doing lots of fun creative Easter activities - making Easter cards, bunny ears and colouring in and decorating Easter eggs with cotton buds dipped in different colour paint - using the children's creative and fine motor skills. 

 On our last day, the children were so excited to hear the Easter bunny had visited nursery! We all went into the wood, where we found the Easter bunny hiding in a tree, and she had left all the children an Easter egg to find. We had lots of fun searching for the eggs. Thank you Easter bunny! When we got back to nursery, we enjoyed some tasty hot cross buns. 

Finally, this week, we all gathered around our lovely little Easter garden and had time to reflect about the meaning of Easter - remembering Jesus in a little prayer.