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Weekly blog

Week ending 15th November 2019

We were very lucky this week to have a visit from one of our Parents who is a Firefighter. He came to nursery and showed the children his uniform and talked about a Firefighters day at work. We also discussed fire safety and which number to call in an Emergency. Thank you for the visit!

The children enjoyed learning about a Firefighters uniform

Our topic this week is 'Space'. We have been learning about planets and rockets. The children have made their own 'moon sand', foil 'moon rocks', their own control panel and used fine motor skills to make potato aliens, threading cheerios onto pipe cleaners. The children have been counting forwards and backwards from 10 to "blast off" and have enjoyed learning the '5 little astronauts' rhyme and listening to the 'Aliens love underpants' book. We will be continuing this theme next week as the children are still really interested in their learning.

Week ending 22nd November 2019

We continued our 'Space' theme this week. The children were given the opportunity to pretend to be an astronaut walking on the moon! They walked along bubblewrap listening to the noise it made and talking about how it felt, and also experimented by walking in slow motion.

The children also used their fine motor skills to make 'aliens' from hand prints and googly eyes.

The children really enjoyed exploring the outdoor area this week in the Autumn weather, finding natural resources, jumping, running and balancing and had fun helping to sweep up all the leaves.

We also visited Welly Woods this week with Reception. We played hide and seek, finding all the soft toy woodland animals, created leaf patterns, and enjoyed a yummy hot chocolate.


What a wonderful end to our week.

Our trip to Smite Farm Friday 29th November 2019.

Our question for the day was - How do trees help wildlife in winter? We started the day by listening to the story of ' The tale of the little bird and the evergreen tree '. The little bird had broken his wing and could not fly away with all of his friends so he looked for shelter in the trees. But it was the spruce tree with its evergreen branches that provided shelter for the little bird all through the winter. 
The children listened beautifully to the story told in the barn decorated with Christmas trees.

After the tale we made an animal bird feeder . We used our fine motor skills to push sunflower seeds into the apple. Some of us made patterns with the seeds, some of us made our initial sound for our name and some of us made a shape. 
We talked about where would be a good place to hang and bird feeders and took them home in a paper bag.

We were very sensible and very safe around the campfire. We compared the corn to how it looked after it had been cooked on the campfire . We enjoyed listening to the corn popping and best of all , having a taste !

The ancient art of wassailing

The children decorated the trees by finding natural resources and sticking them onto the materials that were then hung on the trees . We made smelly tree potions and emptied them around the roots of the trees . Finally , we made music and sang to the trees to wish them good health . 
Think the grown- ups might have had more fun doing this than the children !

In groups we followed a trail to find 6 Christmas trees around the farm with information about how the trees help wildlife . At each tree there was a wildlife stamp to add to a Christmas tree card. We found out that trees provide a home for squirrels to build their dreys, Owls build a home In a hole in tree trunks, the hedgehogs use all the fallen leaves to build a warm shelter in the winter and fruit trees and berries provide food for the animals such as foxes and birds. 
We are very grateful for trees .

The trail ended at a very special post box where we posted our letters that we had written in school earlier in the week .

Some of the highlights of our week ending 13th  December 2019

Show week! The cast of Songs Around the Christmas Tree were absolutely fabulous !



We talked about the Christmas Story this week. We were very impressed by how well all the children took in the information and could retell parts of it in their own words, using key phrases and words such as Bethlehem, stable and baby Jesus.

The children have also been busy making Christmas Cards, calendars and Christmas crafts, but we haven't posted any pictures of their creations so they can all be a surprise when they bring them home! 

On Friday we made Christingles for our special service.

As well as raising money for Save the Children by wearing our Christmas jumpers.

Week Ending 20th December 2019

What a fabulous week the children have had to finish this term at nursery. We have enjoyed finishing off our Christmas cards and crafts and using fine motor control to create festive stencil pictures.

Who knew how much fun a bowl of sprouts could provide?! In our home corner and Christmas corner this week the children have had fresh sprouts and new potatoes to add to their resources. They have spent extended periods of time role playing different uses for them from sprout soup and dinner to sprout milkshakes! They have also peeled the sprouts using their fine motor control and filled the different bowls and cups with the leaves, then finally used them to roll down large tubes and work out which would get to the bottom the fastest!

On Thursday this week we joined up with Reception for a Christmas lunch and party. The children enjoyed plates of party food followed by party games, dancing and a visit from the big man himself!

Thank you for a fabulous term at nursery and we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, healthy New Year!


Week Ending 10th January 2020


We have been busy making snowflakes for our seasonal tree in the cloakroom. The children learnt about the different seasons by talking about the weather and seeing the changes when we go to welly wood. 

Our Winter display board was filled with lovely shaped snowmen. The children learnt about different shapes as well as using their creative skills to make them all look different.

The tough tray was turned into a 'Frozen' effect, using puppet Polar bears and penguins. Pretend snow was added then figures were added such as Elsa and Olaf. The children were then able to use their imagination skills to make up their own stories. 

Week ending 17th January 2020

Our story this week has been 'Stickman'. The children have enjoyed listening to the story read in different ways every day.

We used Stickman props and made up our own stories. We made a Stickman tree and added lots of characters from the story.

Some children showed an interest in why 'Stickman' floated and didn't sink in the water. So in a group we experimented with our own sticks using a bowl of water to float them. The children then went around the classroom collecting more resources to experiment with. We had lots of fun guessing what was going to happen next.

We've used our creative skills by painting, drawing, colouring and making our own stick men pictures. 


Week ending 24th January 2020

This week nursery have been learning about Chinese New Year. The children have enjoyed a range of activities and learnt how to say 'hello' in Chinese.

We made 'Lai See' which are lucky red envelopes and added a chocolate coin inside.

 The children enjoyed making colourful lanterns, practicing their scissor skills when cutting out the lantern and adding sparkly stars to finish. They also extended the practice of their scissor skils with a free choice activity of cutting up noodles!

The children enjoyed using scarfs outside to dance with and make themselves into Chinese dragons. They also had access to a sensory tough spot, filled with red rice where they practiced measuring and weighing. They were also able to use the area for mark making using chopsticks to make patterns and form letters, developing their fine motor skills.

The children finished this enjoyable week by visiting a 'Chinese Restaurant'. They put on their coats and walked across the school playground to enter the Restaurant and were then shown to their seats in the hall. Here they looked at menus created by Reception class and chose their food by telling the 'waiters' what they would like to try. They enjoyed watching the ribbon dancing entertainment (Mrs Hayes!) whilst they waited for their food and then practiced using chopsticks to eat their meals. A fabulous end to an enjoyable week!

Week ending 31st January 2020

This week, as it is RSPB weekend, nursery have been learning about birds and have been busy bird watching.

All the children made their own binoculars and decorated them with green tissue paper and other resources then used them outside on the field to look for birds.

We transformed part of the nursery into a bird watching area, with binoluars, cameras and clipboards that had information about different birds on them. The children enjoyed sitting inside the camouflaged tent spotting the different birds.

The children also made their own birds using colourful feathers and glue to go on our nursery tree.

The children enjoyed being creative and made some very colourful creations which look beautiful on our tree.

Our rhyme of the week was '5 little ducks' and we enjoyed practicing our counting, which was fun.

This week's word wall.