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  • Admission to St Kenelms Primary School
  • Our Prospectus Currently our prospectus is under review
  • Our Admissions policy
  • Available places in school
  • Wrap-around childcare in Romsley - walking bus and Childminders
  • The Haybridge Pyramid


School Prospectus - Currently our prospectus is under review

Admission of Pupils

Our admission’s policy and procedures are approved of and reviewed annually by the governing body.  We offer admission to all Reception age children in the September of the year of their fifth birthday, i.e. birthdays between 1st September & 31st August.  There will be a part-time element to this at the beginning of the Autumn Term for all pupils.  This is based on recommendation by Early Years Specialists and taking into account parental feedback

It is helpful if parents register their children for admission well in advance so that we can organise our classes in school.  The final date of application is January prior to the year of entry.  A series of visits are arranged for new children to ensure a happy transfer into our school community.  Time is set aside for parents to view the school in action, and to discuss our school routines.  Parents are warmly invited to view the school before making an application.  Please make an appointment with the Headteacher should you wish to do this.  Similarly, if parents wish to view the private nursery, which meets in a mobile on the school site, please contact Mrs Eccleston on 07540 706835.

The school pupil admission number is 28.  

Admissions Policy - Click here to view our policy

Available Places in School 

We currently have the following places available in school:

We may have places available in Reception, Years 1, 2, 4 and 5 

If you are interested in a place, please contact the school office on 01562 710214 – then you can arrange a meeting with our Head Suzanne Shackleton, and the opportunity to visit the school.

Wrap-Around ChildCare

Wrap around childcare exists in the village. 

There is a breakfast club and after school club (Kenelms Kids) run by Mrs Vale from Romsley's Buttercups Nursery.  Members of their staff organise on site before and after school care here at St Kenelm's School.  This is a successful and popular venture.  For costs, and general information, please contact them directly on 01562 710354.

Christine Brown and Jenny Jenkins - 01562 710479 are childminders working together in Romsley - 7.30am - 5.15pm for all ages. They have a walk-to-school and pre-school policy, and they collect from both school and Romsley pre-school (on St Kenelm's site).

Parents are responsible for ensuring the suitability of Childcare. St Kenelm's cannot be held responsible for ensuring the safety and suitability of wrap-around childcare included on our website.

Haybridge Pyramid

The Hagley Pyramid include the following schools:

  • Haybridge High School (11-18 years)
  • St Kenelm's Primary (rising 5 – 11 years)
  • Belbroughton  Primary (rising 5 – 11 years)
  • Clent Primary (rising 5 – 11 years)
  • Blakedown Primary (rising 5 – 11 years)
  • Hagley Primary (rising 5 – 11 years)

The main aim of schools is to foster the educational and social development of its children by providing a broad and balanced curriculum within stimulating learning environments.  External examination results are excellent thus reflecting high standards in all the schools.

There is very close liaison between Heads, staff and pupils across all schools e.g. Arts Festivals, Shakespeare Workshops and Pyramid Orchestra. Children come together for a variety of activities.  The Technology status of Haybridge High already means children and staff from all schools have the benefits of sharing resources and training.  A careful programme of integration is planned for all Year 6 children prior to moving onto their High School.

Places are generally guaranteed to pupils living within the actual catchment area of the School. 

The following outlines the LEA priorities when there is pressure on places:-

  1.  Looked after children.
  2. Pupils living with the catchment area of the school:
  3. Pupils who would still have a brother or sister (sibling connection) at school at the time of admission.  In order to qualify for a place on the grounds of a brother/sister (sibling) attending the school, the sibling must already be attending the school at the time of application and still be attending at the time of admission;
  4. Pupils who have significant reason for admission, such reasons, the validity of which will be determined by the Directorate of Educational Services, will include medical, social or compassionate grounds.  Parents are required to produce a medical certificate or other appropriate information from an independent source.  (Significant reasons will not be considered unless supporting information is attached to your application form when submitted);
  5. Pupils who were attending a feeder school at the time of application;
  6. Pupils who live nearest to the school by the shortest available walking route.
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